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Here are some tips about using LoneStar Genealogy:

  • We offer interest pages for general histories and information. Some interesting pages include our Texas Recipes. We offer web rings, mailing lists and other pages to connect with other genealogists.
  • Visit our vast surname pages to help you locate others working on your family history. Please make sure to add your Texas Surnames to our list.
  • Visit and submit your Texas family history to the Texas History page. This is another excellent source for getting your family history online in a prominent web site. When you submit information, please use your return key for paragraph breaks. These breaks will not show immediately upon submission, we will make them for you. This will make your history easier for others to read.
  • Visit our transcribed online records and those submitted by others. If you have records you would like to contribute, we look forward to receiving them.
  • Do you have any questions regarding how to do research online or a general genealogical question, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Would you like to receive a free consultation regarding your research? Please visit AAA Research Services, whom has volunteered to provide this service. Please be considerate to keep your question(s) brief.
  • LoneStar Genealogy is visited by many search engines on a regular basis. We also maintain excellent ratings by major search engines with specialized techniques so that the information you provide will also be read by many search engines. This provides you with excellent opportunities for other researchers to locate you.

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