Colonial Amerca

Methods for naturalization/denization by the early colonies
enrollment with a local registrarMD, N/SC, VA
enrollment in a courtN/SC, VA
approval by a town meetingCT
approval by a city councilNY
admission as a freemanCT, MA, RI
approval by a proprietor or trusteeDE, GA, MD, N/SC, PA
approval by a governor/councilDE, MD, NY, PA, VA
approval by an assembly actCT, DE, GA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, N/SC, PA, RI, VA
no lawsNH

Colonies that performed naturalization/denization in groups:

Colonial Commodities

Georgia: Rice, beef, indigo, deerskins
Maryland: Tobacco, wheat, oats, timber, pork, corn
Massachusetts: Timber, fish, molasses, rum, sugar, salt. Also processed sugar from the West Indies.
Newfoundland: Fish, whale oil
New Hampshire: Timber
New York: Grain, flour, sugar, iron
North Carolina: Lumber, tar, pitch, turpentine, beef, pork
Nova Scotia: Fish, whale oil
Pennsylvania: Grain, flour, sugar, iron
Quebec: Furs, wheat
South Carolina: Rice, beef, indigo, deerskins
Virginia: Tobacco, wheat, oats, timber, pork, corn

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