Traditional Recipes
Texas is known for its vast areas and diversity of terrain, providing a large variety of traditional home cooking. With Texas friendlyness, a visitor is always welcome. Whatever your tastes, you can find something here in Texas. Cowboys bring to us campfire cooking with mesquite wood, the gulf coast bringing seafood, the Rio Grande providing corn and chilies and later citrus fruits, as well as the famous Tex-Mex recipes. These recipes are ready for you to start cooking using everyday measurements. For those not up to the Texas firery challenge, tips are included to make a great tasting dish that won't set your mouth on fire. Although a big glass of milk nearby will help if you find your mouth on fire. Although many of the Texas cooking can actually be known in many other areas, we have broken them down into these areas.


  • Variety breads from hard tack to cornbread to salt-rising bread

    West Texas Cooking

  • Full of flavors, home of Tex-Mex... Tips included for less or more firery hot dishes.

    Gulf Coast Cooking

  • Unique seafood dishes are the speciality of the Gulf Coast!

    North Texas Cooking

  • Just the good old cowboys! Also known for spicy dishes!

    Central Texas Cooking

  • A good blend of many styles, including German and other immigrant dishes

    East Texas Cooking

  • With the influence of Louisianna's famous cajin cookin'...

    South Texas Cooking

  • The Rio Grande Valley rich with citrus fruits!

    Texas Drinks


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