LoneStar Genealogy's, Texas Triva Challenge 7
Texas Disasters and Nature

1) The largest earthquake centered near Valentine, Texas on 8 August 1931. Which did not occur?
a) Landslides
b) Tombstones were rotated.
c) A wall reinforced with concrete was thrown down.
d) Wood frame houses were severely damaged.
2) Between 1950-1995 Texas has suffered through five F5 tornatoes. Two of these hit McLennan Co. in 1953 and 1973. The others hit in Wichita Co. (1964), Lubbock Co. (1970) and Brown Co. (1976). The most people injured during this time by a tornado occured in 1979 and injured 1700 people. This was an F4 tornado and hit in which county?
a) Wichita Co.
b) McLennan Co.
c) Lubbock Co.
d) Dallas Co.
3) Passage of a state odorization law required that distinctive malodorants be mixed in all gas for commercial and industrial use so that people could be warned by the smell, due to an explosion in 1937 located at a school in which town?
a) Rusk
b) Palestine
c) New London
d) None of the above.
4) In 1553 a fleet of 20 ships loaded with silver and gold was struck by a hurricane. Only two of the original 2000 lived to tell others. Why did so many die?
a) They were not able to make it ashore and drowned.
b) They were killed by Karankawa indians.
c) They were killed by debris.
d) All of the above.
5) The 1900 hurricane that hit Galveston Island killed an estimated 8,000 people. Many people were trapped on Galveston Island. Why?
a) The day before the storm hit a steamship broke free and crashed through bridges to the mainland.
b) The U.S. Weather Bureau never included the Texas Gulf Coast in their hurricane watch.
c) The people did not know what a hurricane was.
d) They thought that this was just another warning and ignored it.
6) On 16 April 1947, the people of Texas City watched the ship Grand Camp's "pretty orange color that was comming from the black smoke". At 9 am, there was an explosion and a giant column of black smoke rose approximately 2,000 feet into the air, followed by a second explosion. Flames engulfed the Monsanto Chemical Plant and the shockwave caused a tidal wave that washed inland over 150 feet. By night, another ship, the High Flyer had been burning all day and also exploded at 1:10 am. The explosion distroyed the ship, the Wilson B. Keene. What were the ships carrying that caused the explosions?
a) Magnesium and hydrogen
b) Ammonium nitrate and sulfur
c) Benzol
d) Propane
7) The 111 ton sidewheel steamship, the Dayton, sunk on 12 September 1845 in the Corpus Christi Bay. Why?
a) The Mexican troops attacked and sunk it.
b) The boiler exploded.
c) It sunk during a hurricane.
d) None of the above.
8) The worst plague in history spreads devistation from Texas to the Canadian border in 1874. This combines with drought and recent depression to wreak havoc. What was the plague?
a) The Black Plague
b) Scarlett Fever
c) Grasshoppers
d) Pneumonia
9) A huge dust cloud spread into McAllen, Texas in 2001 that impaired visibility and reduced air quality. Where did this cloud originate?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Burning of fields in Mexico.
c) Arizona
d) Gulf Haze
10) Many all time record low temperatures were set in 1899 and this body of water froze over:
a) Copano Bay
b) Clear Lake
c) Galveston Bay
d) Matagorda Bay

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