LoneStar Genealogy's, Texas Triva Challenge 9
The Alamo

1) The Texians, defenders of the Alamo were:
a) Doctors and Lawyers
b) Merchants and Teachers
c) Farmers
d) All of the above
2) Francisco Antonio Ruiz was charged with disposal of the Texian bodies after the fall of the Alamo. He made a list of the casualities. Evidence has suggested that as many as 1/4 of the Texians were not included in his totals. Why?
a) They were catholic and were properly buried elsewhere.
b) They died outside of the walls of the Alamo.
c) They died from their wounds weeks later.
d) The list did not include those who attempted to escape and were killed.
3) The siege and battle of the Alamo lasted:
a) 3 days
b) 8 days
c) 13 days
d) 2 weeks
4) On the morning of 6 March 1836, General Santa Anna ordered his band to play a song called El DegŁello. This song is described as:
a) Throat cutting
b) No quarter will be given
c) A hymn of hate and merciless death
d) All of these

Listen to the El DegŁello

5) He is known as a legendary fighter throughout the south. He left his family at the age of 15 and made a living sawing and selling lumber in Louisiana. Later with his brother he owned and operated the first steam-powered sugar mill there. His life story is one of great interest including trade with Jean Lafitte. He is described as being 6'1 and about 180 lbs. His eyes were blue and had a fair complexion with chestnut hair. His hands were long and very strong. He was sincere, candid and generous, but his temper was terrible when aroused. He died in his quarters, incapacitated by illness, near the east of the main gate of the Alamo. He is best remembered for the use of the frontier knife, which bears his last name. Who was this honored Texian?
a) James Bowie
b) Juan Seguin
c) Richard Starr
d) John Sutherland
6) In 1716, the Viceroy of New Spain authorizes the relocation of the Mission of San Francisco Solano from the Rio Grande to what river?
a) The San Antonio River
b) The Brazos River
c) The Red River
d) The Guadalupe River
7) What town is The Alamo located?
a) Houston
b) San Antonio
c) Austin
d) None of the above
8) The original purpose for The Alamo was:
a) a fort.
b) a small trading town.
c) to christianize the Indians.
d) to protect settlers from the Indians.
9) Who was known as "The Babe of the Alamo"?
a) Enrique Esparza
b) Gertrudis Navarro
c) Angelina Dickerson
d) Alejo Perez
10) Who is the current caretaker of the Alamo?
a) National Park Service
b) Texas State Parks & Wildlife
c) The State of Texas
d) The Daughters of the Republic of Texas

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